Auction Ace Product page

 Auction Ace is a compact and robust software package for managing live auctions.

It has a user friendly menu system is designed with functionality in mind. It follows common business practice for all auctioneers. Advanced customization is available.

Save hours reconciling auction day sales, all the commissions and payments.

So to simplify all that paper work we set about to develop a simple yet effective program that will transform your business and save you time and money.

Since it was first launched it has been growing in popularity and has established itself as the bench mark for live auction software.

Easily set all commissions

Select what is going to be Vat applicable

All commissions are in decimal notation.

Record all seller info along with items for sale, you can decide on a global commission for all items or set them individually.

Vat can also be assigned or unassigned per item. 

All buyers get a unique number, past buyers can be imported from previous auctions.

Easy capture of deposits.

Quick flip record on each buyer.

Link the lot to the buyer and all the info carries forward to the invoice.

Add the buyer number and the invoice is automatically generated.

Add the payment and Auction Ace will work out the change.

There is a comprehensive list of reports available at the click of a button.